3 Zika Virus, Causes, Symptoms and How to Overcome

Zika virus, causes, symptoms and how to overcome. What is zika virus ? Zika virus is one type of arbovirus from the genus Flavivirus. This virus has a very close philogenetic relationship with other arboviruses such as dengue, yellow fever, japanes enchepalitis, and west nile virus. This virus was first discovered in a resus monkey in the Zika forest, Uganda in 1947. The Zika virus was later rediscovered in the Aedes africanus species in the same forest in 1948 and in humans in Nigeria in 1954. The zika virus again attracted attention world after the emergence of reports of zika virus outbreaks that occurred on the island of Yap, Micronesia in 2007.

3 Zika Virus, Causes, Symptoms and How to Overcome
Zika Virus
Then reported several times in Asian, Africa, Regional Western Pacific, and most recently in America. Then followed by a larger outbreak in 2013 and 2014 that occurred in the French Polynesia region, in the southern Pacific. In the same year there were also spreads in the areas of New Caledonia, Easter Island and the Cook Islands. In general, zika virus infection only shows mild symptoms in 20% of infected patients. the clinical picture is very similar to chikungunya and dengue fever, namely fever, headache, emesis, rash and arthralgia.

Zika Virus, Causes, Symptoms and How to Overcome

In May 2015, the virus reemerged in Brazil. The spread of this virus that occurred in January 2016 in North America, South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Samoa. In April 2016 it was also reported in Vietnam and then endemic in Singapore and Thailand. As of September 11, 2016, 329 cases have been found in Singapore and 8 of them in pregnant women. In September 2016, the Thai Government announced that 21 cases had been found in Bangkok and all were reported due to local transmission.

The virus that is transmitted through the aedes aegypti mosquito has infected more than 20 countries. Even in 80% of infected patients do not show any symptoms in the early stages of infection. The latest report says there is a very high increase in primary microcephaly cases related to the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil, this is a concern, where the zika virus can be a serious health threat with neuropathic and teratogenic effects. The spread of the zika virus is increasingly alarming.

The difference between Dengue Virus and Zika Virus is in terms of complications and modes of transmission. In dengue virus infection, the mortality rate is reported to be around 1-2% whereas in the Zika virus infection there have been no reported cases of death, but WHO has stated that the Zika virus infection can cause neurological complications, namely the occurrence of microcephaly in the baby being conceived and Guillain Barré syndrome which can cause paralysis and even death.

Signs and Symptoms of the Zika Virus

The Zika virus often does not show symptoms or signs at an early stage, so the patient does not know that he has contracted the Zika virus. But if symptoms appear, they are usually mild and only appear 3-12 days after being bitten. Signs or symptoms of the most common zika virus include:


The body feels weak

Red spots appear on the surface of the skin

Muscle ache.


Joint pain and swelling in the joints

Conjunctivitis or eyelid inflammation.

Feeling itchy in almost all parts of the body.

Regarding the signs and symptoms of the Zika virus, there are many similarities in symptoms between dengue fever and Zika fever. But the most distinguishing thing between the symptoms of Zika virus and dengue fever is that fever that arises due to infection with this virus tends not to be too high, sometimes the maximum is only at a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius.

In a good body condition this disease can heal by itself within 7 to 12 days. However, in some more serious cases, this condition requires further treatment due to neurological and autoimmune disorders in people infected with the Zika virus. If this happens, then you can do further checks.

Causes of Zika Virus

The cause of Zika's disease is the Zika virus. The Zika virus belongs to the group of flavivirus viruses that are still from the same family as the virus that causes dengue fever. Aedes aegypti mosquitoes take and carry Zika virus from humans who have been infected with the virus. Through bites, Aedes aegypti mosquitoes spread the Zika virus back to humans who have not been infected.

The Aedes aegypti mosquito species is very active during the day and can breed inside and outside the room close to humans, especially in areas with standing water. In addition to mosquito bites, Zika virus can also be transmitted from mother to fetus in the womb. Zika virus infection during pregnancy is associated with the risk of miscarriage and microcephaly, which is an abnormality that makes the brain not develop perfectly and which is potentially fatal and there are many more infections from this zika virus.

How to Overcome Zika Virus

Until now there is no vaccine to deal with the zika virus. What can be done is an effort to reduce symptoms by:

Get enough rest.

Increase consumption of water to prevent dehydration.

Take drruug to relieve headaches and fever.

If you are now infected with the Zika virus, avoid mosquito bites during the first week to minimize the possibility of spreading the disease. The first week of infection is a critical period in which the Zika virus is active in the bloodstream and is easily transmitted through mosquitoes. One mosquito can infect many others.

How to Prevent Zika Virus

Preventing mosquito bites is one of the initial precautions that can help you avoid Zika virus infection. Some precautions that can be taken include:

Use mosquito repellent lotion.

Using long sleeves and trousers and socks.

If possible, use air conditioning because mosquitoes do not like cold places.

If it is not possible to use air conditioning, then use mosquito nets on the windows or doors of the house and use mosquito nets when sleeping.

Dispose of used objects that are not used, so that mosquitoes do not use these objects as a breeding ground.

Clean the water reservoir every once a week and close it to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in them.

Such are the reviews of zika virus, causes, symptoms and how to overcome. In this paper, the aim is to make the reader more familiar with the zika virus that you need to be aware of from now on, and thank you for reading.

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